Model for the Peatlands of Berlin

Berlin's peatlands are near-natural peatland ecosystems, which are characterized by peat formation or, at the least, peat preservation with a prevalence of surface-near water levels. Depending on site, a variety of mire-typical flora and fauna determines the character of the peatland, or mire type.

The model for the peatlands of Berlin serves as standard for the determination of nature targets.

The model is challenged by the actual site conditions (current state), which form the second pillar for the determination of the nature targets. Historic and current anthropogenic influences, the current water supply, the characteristics of the biotopes as well as site parameters are all important factors. Restrictions such as vicinity to settlement or property owhnership were not considered for the determination of the nature target types. They are significant, however, in the realization of peatland preservation projects. The nature targets described in the peatland fact sheets (→ Peatlands) may have to be modified for their planning and development.

Abbildung Leitbild Entwicklungszieltypen

Determination of nature targets from input information of this research project (yellow). The mapping of the biotope types of Berlin serves as basis for the determination of trophic status and water heights.